This exhibition was designed by EPACE for Noroo Color Trend Show. Tomo: House is a stain-glass production company and their philosophy is to reproduce the patterns of nature into a stain glass that can enhance the space to be modern and sophisticated. Their main goal is to bring in elements of nature into daily living space as much as possible, which is greatly needed in urbanized cities, such as Seoul. There is an inevitable aspiration for nature among the constant buzz of media. Consequently, there is a fear of being watched by an unknown entity through these machines we so closely live with. I utilized the idea of penopticon and surveillance as a theme for the exhibition. I designed a virtual living space that embodies a modern version of a panopticon. Satin glass was incorporated as partitions to replicate areas of a house. The slight transparency forces the audience to be in a realm of involuntary visibility that induces a fear of voyeurism, just like the prisoners of the panopticon. The installation was divided into kitchen, living room, bathroom, closet, library and dressing table to replicate a private and personal space. Elements such as a TV screen, a camera and a mirror are parodying the constant self-surveillance and social disclosure.

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Year: 2018

Media: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk CAD, Autodesk 3D Max

Color Palette
Floor Plan
Ceiling Plan
Side A
Side B
Living Room
Changing room
Dressing Room
Result Photo