Overview: DYT is a project about destingmatizing East Asian food and highlighting the inherent sustainable eating methods within Korean cuisine. I am collaborating with a developer and an illustrator to update the digital participatory cookbook to democratize the circular slow eating insights. Through facilitating workshops and conducting theory of change and focus group surveys, I’ve been able to land on this social innovation project to tackle the food waste and food sovereignty to achieve food justice intersectionally.

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Year: 2020 - Continuing

Media: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Zoom, Miro



Interview with Jung Gwan, renowned Buddhist monk from Chef's Table

Interviewing and helping a farmer and learning to eat taro from root to flower

Interview at a Kimchi manufacturing facility

Interview with a tour guide at Kimchi museum in Gwangju


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Insights: Accodring to the workshops and surveys I’ve conducted, providing a cookbook along with a cooking session to unlearn our biases and learn new low-waste and low-heat/energy recipes. These parts of the project has been shown to bring more agency within their kitchens and also learn more about the food systems that are a big part of climate change movements.


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Cookbook Cover