I have been involved with KBSO from the beginning of my university career. Over the years, I've accumulated promotional images that I've designed for events. Most of them have a square format because the posters had to fit in the thumbnails as a profile picture on Facebook, but some are traditional posters. They are representative of the Korean community in USC and LA, for each of them incorporate different weather, location, and atmosphere for people to visualize and engaged. The last piece is one of the newsletters I've created, which delivers school activities, new spots around LA, editorials, and more to the readers. It is called KBSO Times, of which I've been the designer for for the last two years in the organization.

For more, visit http://usckbso.wixsite.com/kbso

Year: 2015-2017 chronologically

Media: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Freshman Welcome Party (2015)
Facebook Cover Photo (2016)
Beach Picnic (2016)
Application Version 1 (2017)
Application Version 2 (2017)
Beach Picnic (2017)
Membership Training (2017)
Wonderland Poster (2017)
Wonderland Menu (2017)
Wonderland Coming Soon GIF (2017)
KBSO Times Front Page (2017)
KBSO Times Table of Contents (2017)