I accidentally ran into a non-profit, volunteer ran, community project, called 56A Collective, which accommodates 56a Infoshop — an anarchist bookshop and social centre, Fareshare Food Co-op — ex-bakery turned into ethically sourced vegan wholefoods shop and 56a Bikespace — a DIY second-hand bike repair shop. While researching this social centre, I interviewed Chris, one of the members at 56A Infoshop, who told me about the interesting history of squatting movement during 1980s in the location of the collective, called Pullens Estate. After I started volunteering at 56A Infoshop once a week, I also started to develop a proposal to set up a poster frame on the building wall that entails the story of the location and the purpose behind the social projects. Because 56A is the first building of the Pullens Estate to be seen from the direction of Elephant and Castle station, the location is perfect to introduce the unique story of how this community came to be.

Year: 2019

Media: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Artboard 1-100
Artboard 2-100
Artboard 4-100
Artboard 3-100
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Visual Summary

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Banner mock design
Poster for promotion

Poster for promotion: 

This version is the recent version that was sent to them for revision. Their rebellious nature was captured through the chaotic design.

Banner mock design: 

The course brief was to create a non-commercial spatial design, so for the first version, it is more of an abstract art form.